User Guide and Frequently Asked Questions

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User Guide and Frequently Asked Questions

Why can't I edit the data fields?
Please remember to double click each time you want to edit a field

Why were my changes not saved?
To save your changes you must click the 'Save & Exit'button when you finish each session to save your data, otherwise your changes will be lost.
When the save is completed a confirmation page will be displayed that verifies that your data has been saved.

Can I Change my Weight Loss rate?
Yes ! You can simply double click on the 'Loss Rate' field at the top of the page and re-enter your new value. Then click 'Update Table' to make the changes in the data. When you save the data at the end of your session - the new rate will be permanent.

How Do I make a Fresh Start?
If necessary you can clear all your data and start afresh. Change the 'Start Date' at the top of the page. and click the New List' button on the far right (near the plot buttons). This will clear all the data and show a single entry for your 'Start Date'. Enter your revised data and then click the 'Update Table' button to confirm the changes.
When you click 'Save & Exit' button at the end of the session your new data will be stored.

Can I leave out several days or enter data weekly?
No! The system requires data for each day. However it does not matter if that data is blank. So you can enter the data weekly but you need to have a listing for each day. To enter data each week dimply add 7 days and then enter the data for the last week.

How Do I add New Days?
To add one or more days, simply click the 'Add Day'button and a new day will be added to the top of the diary. The target weight for that day will be automatically added. Note: The system requires an entry for each day, but is does not matter if there is no data for each day.
Continue to add extra days if you want to. Click the 'Update Table' button to confirm the changes.

How Do I Delete Days?
To delete one or more entries at the top of the listing simply click the 'Delete Top'button and the data line for the last day (at the top of the list will be deleted).
Sorry you can not select a day and delete it as this would interfere with the need to have an entry for each day.

Can you edit data that is already entered?

Yes! You can edit any of the data at any time - simply scroll through the list and then double click on the field you want to edit.
Click on the 'Update Table' button to make any changes and refresh the list.

Need Help with Calories in Food and Calories Burnt?

There are many excellent sites that provide this information.
For Food - See Calories in Main Meals
For Exercise - See Calories Burnt in various exercises
OR See Calories - Exercise Tables

What is RMR?

RMR is Resting Metabolic Rate. This is the amount of energy ( number of calories) you require when doing all your normal activities. It does not imply that you are lying down or doing nothing - this is your Basal Metabolic Rate. A multiplier such as 1.3 or 1.4 is applied to your Basal Metabolic Rate to account for your normal activity pattern. Your Resting Metabolic Rate is the calories you need to expend for all your normal activities throughout the day, including walking to the bus stop etc.
The Basal Metabolic Rate is the calories required when you are sleeping or lying down and doing virtually nothing al all.

See Information and Calculator and BMR and RMR Calculator for more details.

Once you estimate your RMR - enter it in the RMR Cal/kJ Field. This represents the basic amount of energy (calories) you need in food to sustain your daily needs (without extra exercises). To lose weight you will need to eat fewer calories than your RMR, or do various exercises that will burn extra calories. This will create a Calorie Deficit. The best approach is to do both ! Eat less and exercise more !

It's more complicated than this see Extra Information, because your body may try to reduce its metabolic rate when you eat less and exercise ( see Article 1; Article 2 ; Article 3 , but this is the basic principle.

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