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The Calorie Deficit - Key to Effective Weight Loss

Note: 1000 steps, walking at moderate pace, burns 60 Calories (10,000 => 600 cal).
Calories for no lunch meals 1600
steak 300 g with salad 800 Cal
muesli 200 g 700 Cal
fish 400 g with salad 800 Cal
apple, orange, banana 100 Cal

You can try all sorts of strategies, all sorts of diets, all sorts of extra exercises - BUT you will not lose weight unless the calories you EAT each day is LESS than the calories you BURN each day through the fuel your body burns in maintaining your body at rest and via extra exercises such as walking, running or cycling.

This is not rocket science - it is very similar to budgeting your finances. You will only save money if your income exceeds the money you spend. You will only pay off your debts if you spend a lot less than your income.

If the calories you eat exceeds the calories burnt through metabolism and exercise you will get fatter.

If the calories you eat is less than the calories burnt through metabolism and exercise you will lose weight.

You have two choices or a combination of both to create a Calorie Deficit:

1. Eat fewer calories than you burn to create a deficit

2. Burn more calories through exercise to create a deficit

This site provides the key to monitoring your weight program.

You set a start weight and a loss rate and also enter your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) - See the Help Pages for information about how to determine this value

Each day you enter your weight, and the calories eaten in food or all your meals and snacks, and the calories burnt through exercise.

The software calculates your target weight each day and your calorie deficit which is calories burnt (RMR + exercise) - calories eaten in food.

You can see a plot or your weight, your target weight and calorie deficit to monitor your progress in losing weight. In a sense the plots are scare graphs that show it as it is.

If you are not on track or making any progress you will need to eat less or exercise more. The calorie deficit provides a crucial indicator of what you need to do.

There is a lot of variability in the system and the calorie deficit calculated and displayed is your best way to keep on track.

After a while you will see what level of deficit works for you. You can also see how various changes in diet or exercise affect the deficit.


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